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"Resonance width distribution for open quantum systems"

Dr. Gavriil Shchedrin
Michigan State University


Recent measurements of resonance widths for low-energy neutron scattering off heavy nuclei show large deviations from the Porter-Thomas distribution. We propose a 'standard' width distribution based on the random matrix theory for a chaotic quantum system with a single open decay channel. Two methods of derivation lead to a single analytical expression that recovers, in the limit of very weak continuum coupling, the Porter-Thomas distribution. The parameter defining the result is the ratio of typical widths Γ to the energy level spacing D. Compared to the Porter-Thomas distribution, the new distribution suppresses small widths and increases the probabilities of larger widths. We show also that it is necessary to take into account the γ channels.

Monday, February 25, 2013
IQSE 578, 12:30 noon
Mitchell Physics Building

Institute for Quantum Science and Engineering
Texas A&M University

(Pizza, Salad, and soda to be served at 12:00 noon)

Host: Dr. Marlan Scully