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AMO/QO Physics Seminar

"When attosecond science meets polar molecules"

Dr Eugene Frumker
Department of Physics, Ben-Gurion University, Beer-Sheva, Israel


Asymmetric molecules look different when viewed from one side or the other. This difference influences the electronic structure of the valence electrons, thereby giving stereo sensitivity to chemistry and biology. I will show that attosecond and re-collision science provides a detailed and sensitive probe of electronic asymmetry and will demonstrate the first experimental observation of high harmonics from oriented gas samples [1, 2]. On each 1/2 cycle of an intense light pulse, laser induced tunneling extracts an electron wave packet from the molecule. When the electron wave packet recombines, alternately from one side of the molecule or the other, its amplitude and phase asymmetry determines the even and odd harmonics radiation that it generates [1]. I will also show how the experimental and theoretical study of oriented molecular wavepackets via high harmonics facilitated our understanding of the underlying fundamental mechanism of molecular orientation [2, 3].

[1] E. Frumker et al., 233904 PRL 2012.
[2] E. Frumker et al., 113901 PRL 2012.
[3] M. Spanner et al., 113001 PRL 2012.

Monday, July 1, 2013
IQSE 578, 4:00 p.m.
Mitchell Physics Building

Institute for Quantum Science and Engineering
Texas A&M University

(Coffee and Cookies to be served 15 minutes prior start time)

Host: Dr. Alexei Sokolov