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OSA Student Chapter Meeting

"Quantum Optics of Graphene Hybrid Nanomaterials"

Dr. Mahi R. Singh
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Western University, London, Canada


It is becoming increasingly critical to find new classes of materials that allow for faster and smaller photonic and optoelectronic devices. In this talk we will discuss the quantum optics of a new class of nanomaterials fabricated from graphene, quantum dots and photonic materials. Graphene is a two-dimensional sheet of carbon atoms arranged in a honeycomb lattice. For the first time in 1947 P. R. Wallace from McGill University predicted that graphene is a gapless semiconductor with Dirac points at the Brillouin zone. One-photon and two-photon phenomena such as absorption will be studies in these systems. It is found that system can be switched between the absorption and transparent states. These findings can be applied to develop new types of graphene based nanophotonic devices, such as nano-switches and nano-sensors.

Friday, October 11, 2013
IQSE 578, 12:00 noon
Mitchell Physics Building

Department of Physics and Astronomy
Institute for Quantum Science and Engineering
Texas A&M University

(Pizza lunch as usual. Newcomers welcome!)

Host: Ellie Figueroa