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AMO/QO Physics Seminar

"Hydraulic Fracturing What is it and How to do it right"

Dr. Stephen A. Holditch
Professor Emeritus Texas A&M University


Unconventional gas reservoirs are low quality reservoirs that have to be stimulated to produce oil or gas at commercial flow rates. Well stimulation can occur by drilling horizontal wells and then hydraulically fracture treating the horizontal well. In this presentation, I will discuss how the industry can use existing technology to begin to unlock those resources. In fact, most of the reservoirs currently undergoing development in the United States have been thought of as source rocks for the past century. These source rocks are now our most important reservoirs, thanks to technology. I will explain hydraulic fracturing and discuss how to use the technology to stimulate shale gas reservoirs while protecting the environment.

Friday, December 13, 2013
IQSE 578, 11:00 AM
Mitchell Physics Building

Department of Physics and Astronomy
Texas A&M University

Host: Dr. Hans Schuessler