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OSA Student Chapter Meeting

SPEAKER: Ellie Figueroa
TITLE: An Electrically Pumped Polariton Laser
Polariton lasers have the potential to be more energy efficient than conventional semiconductor lasers that depend on coherent light (photon)beams. When light and electronic excitations hybridize in an optical cavity, part light part matter exciton-polaritons are created, and these can emit coherent light without the population inversion required in conventional lasers. Sven HŲfling and colleagues have now achieved an electrically operated polariton laser.

SPEAKER: John Mason
TITLE: Thin Film Interference in Lossy, Ultra-Thin Layers
Although much thinner than conventional optical interference coatings, nanometer thick films made of optically absorbing materials can display strong interference effects. This new class of coatings shows promise for coloring and labeling, optical filters, tunable absorbers and emitters, and energy harvesting

Friday, January 31, 2014
IQSE 578, 11:30 noon
Mitchell Physics Building

Department of Physics and Astronomy
Institute for Quantum Science and Engineering
Texas A&M University

(Pizza lunch as usual. Newcomers welcome!)

Host: Ellie Figueroa