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"Quantum Electrodynamics in Action"

Dr. Ulrich Jentschura
Missouri S&T University

University of Heidelberg, Germany


An overview will be given of the techniques used in bound-state calculations of relativistic effects in atoms. These cover both the structure as well as the dynamics of electromagnetically bound systems. We will start with the nonrelativistic theory, expand toward relativistic models and finally advance to the quantum electrodynamic level. Theoretical predictions of energy levels at the level of one part in 1015 will be discussed. On the theoretical side, field theory, including the full renormalization program and reduction formulas, as well as dispersion relations for Feynman graphs, will be identified as essential ingredients of the calculations.

Friday April 28, 2017
IQSE Seminar Room , 2:00 p.m.
MPHY 578

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Texas A&M University

Host: Dr. Hans Schuessler