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IQSE AMO/QO Physics Seminar

"Stimulated Raman Near-Backscattering and Ionization Assisted Self-Guiding"

Qiang Chen
Princeton University


We proposed anew type of Raman plasma amplifier. Stimulated Raman Near-Backscattering (SRNBS). It differs from Stimulated Raman Backscattering (SRBS) by tilting not only the pulse front of the laser pump, but alsoits propagationin respect to the seed path. This design decreases the plasma temperature and the Ramanspontaneous radiation growth versus length requirements,to achieve larger seed amplification.A newapproach for self-guiding of sub-picosecond laser pulses at high intensity wasdemonstrated,in cylindrical shock wave structure in hydrogen gas jet. The guiding in the smallest ever achieved diameter of the waveguide allows to access the relativistic intensities propagated over extended distance using one TW class lasers.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018
IQSE Seminar Room, 12:00 Noon
(578 MPHY)

Institute for Quantum Science and Engineering
Texas A&M University

Sandwiches and soda to be served at 11:30 a.m.

Host: Dr. Marlan Scully