Alexey Belyanin

Focus: Quantum Optics

Phone: 979-845-7785           
Fax:     979-845-2590
Office:  MIST M426

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Dr. Belyanin studies nonlinear, coherent, and ultrafast optical phenomena in artificial materials (Electrons in nanostructured materials are confined into a potential well narrower than their de Broglie wavelength. Such a quantum-confined electron gas offers a fascinating playground for quantum optics and condensed matter physics, in which electron wave functions, energies, transition matrix elements, scattering rates, and many other parameters can be designed and controlled). He applies the results of theoretical analysis and numerical modeling to design novel optical devices based on both conventional semiconductor nanostructures and emerging materials such as graphene, topological insulators, transition metal dichalcogenides etc. These devices offer unique functionalities such as operation in new spectral ranges, generation of ultrafast pulses and entangled photon states, ultra-sensitive photon detection, or ultra-broad modulation bandwidth.

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Last updated:  06 January 2013