Alexei Sokolov
Professor Quantum Optics - Experimental

Focus: Physics and Astronomy

Phone: 979-845-7733           979-458-xxxx (L)
Fax:     979-845-2590
Office:  IQSE 543
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Dr. Sokolov's overall expertise is in the field of laser physics, nonlinear optics, ultrafast science and spectroscopy. His research interests center around applications of molecular coherence to quantum optics, ultrafast laser science and technology, including generation of sub-cycle optical pulses with prescribed temporal shape and studies of ultrafast atomic, molecular, and nuclear processes, as well as applications of quantum coherence in biological and defense-oriented areas.

Group Members:


Alexander Sinyukov

Graduate Students

Aysan Bahari
Mariia Shutova

Last updated:  06 January 2013