Dudley Herschbach
Distinguished Professor

Focus: Department of Physics and Astronomy and Chemistry

Email:  dherschbach@gmail.com
Phone: 979-845-1179           
Fax:     979-845-2590
Office:  IQSE 568

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Prof. Herschbach received his B.S. degree in Mathematics (1954) and M.S. in Chemistry (1955) at Stanford University, followed by an A.M. degree in Physics (1956) and Ph.D. in Chemical Physics (1958) at Harvard. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the National Academy of Sciences, the American Philosophical Society, and the Royal Chemical Society of Great Britain. His awards include the Pure Chemistry Prize of the American Chemical Society (1965), the Linus Pauling Medal (1978), the Michael Polanyi Medal (1981), the Irving Langmuir Prize of the American Physical Society (1983), the Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1986), jointly with Yuan T. Lee and John C. Polanyi, the National Medal of Science (1991), the Jaroslav Heyrovsky Medal (1992), the Sierra Nevada Distinguished Chemist Award (1993), the Kosolapoff Award of the ACS (1994), the William Walker Prize (1994); and named by Chemical Engineering News among 75 leading contributors to the chemical enterprise in the past 75 years (1998), and the Council of Scientific Society President's Award for Support of Science (1999).
His current research is devoted to methods of orienting molecules for studies of collision stereo dynamics, means of slowing and trapping molecules in order to examine chemistry at long deBroglie wavelengths, reactions in catalytic supersonic expansions, and a dimensional scaling approach to strongly correlated many-particle interactions, in electronic structure and Bose-Einstein condensates.
Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1986.

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