Da-Wei Wang
TEES Research Associate Professor

Focus: Superradiance, lasing without inversion

Email:  whatarewe@tamu.edu
Phone: 979-458-7932           
Fax:     979-458-7931
Office:  IQSE 544

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Da-Wei's research concerns the application of quantum optics in challenging problems of physics, such as nonmagnetic optical isolation (PRL 110, 093901(2013)), Heisenberg limited metrology (PRL 113, 083601 (2014)) and x-ray reflection (PRA 91, 011801(R) (2015)). He is also interested in simulating frontier condensed matter physics by using quantum optics systems. The related work includes the concept of superradiance lattice (PRL 114, 043602 (2015)) and the simulating the Haldane model therein (Optica 2, 712 (2015)). His very recent work studies quantum information based on topological quantum optics and its realization in superconductor circuits (PRL 116, 220502 (2016)).

Last updated:  06 January 2013