John Gladysz
Distinguished Professor

Focus: Dow Chair in Chemical Invention

Phone: 979-845-1399           
Fax:     979-845-5629
Office:  RDMC 321


Best Known For:

Dr. Gladysz's current research centers around organometallic chemistry, and branches into catalysis, organic synthesis, enantioselective reactions, stereochemistry, mechanism, and materials chemistry. About half of the group is involved with catalysis, divided 50:50 between structurally novel enantioselective catalysts and highly fluorinated recoverable catalysts. The other half designs organometallic building blocks for the synthesis of molecular wires, compasses, and gyroscopes.

Group Members:


Tobias Fiedler
Hemant Joshi

Graduate Students

Andreas Ehnbom
Alex Estrada
Subrata Ghosh
Quang Luu
Kharel Sugam
Tianyi Zhang

Last updated:  06 January 2013