Philip Hemmer

Focus: Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Phone: 979-845-8932           979-571-0239
Fax:     979-845-6259
Office:  ZEC 216H
            WERC 002

Curriculum Vitae

Best Known For:

1) Quantum lithography with classical light [1].
2) Sub-wavelength electron spin resonance (ESR) imaging of single molecules [2].
3) Ultra-sensitive room temperature solid state magnetometers [3].
4) Plasmon enhancement of single optical emitters [4].
5) Room-temperature slow and stopped light in solid-state materials [5].
6) Ultrasound optical tomography with persistent spectral hole burning materials [6].
7) Room temperature quantum processor nodes [7].
8) Room temperature single shot quantum readout [8].
9) Spin-photon entanglement with diamond [9].

[1] "Quantum lithography with classical light: Generation of arbitrary patterns," Sun QQ, Hemmer PR, Zubairy MS, PHYSICAL REVIEW A 75 , 065803 (2007).
[2] "Sub-optical resolution of single spins using magnetic resonance imaging at room temperature in diamond," Shin C, Kim C, Kolesov R, Balasubramanian G, Jelezko F, Wrachtrup J, Hemmer PR, JOURNAL OF LUMINESCENCE 130 (9), Pages: 1635-1645 (SEP 2010).
[3]"Nanoscale imaging magnetometry with diamond spins under ambient conditions," Balasubramanian G, Chan IY, Kolesov R, Al-Hmoud M, Tisler J, Shin C, Kim C, Wojcik A, Hemmer PR, Krueger A, Hanke T, Leitenstorfer A, Bratschitsch R, Jelezko F.,Wrachtrup J, NATURE 455, no. 7213, Pages: 648-U46 (OCT 2 2008).
[4]"Generation of single optical plasmons in metallic nanowires coupled to quantum dots," Akimov, A. V., Mukherjee, A., Yu, C. L., Chang, D. E., Zibrov, A. S., Hemmer, P. R., Park, H., Lukin, M. D., NATURE 450 (7168): 402-406 (NOV 15 2007).
[5] "Observation of Ultraslow and Stopped Light Pulses in a Solid ," A.V. Turukhin, V.S. Sudarshanam, M. S. Shahriar, J. A. Musser, B.S. Ham, and P.R. Hemmer, Physical Review Letters 8802, p. 3602 (2002).
[6] "Detection of ultrasound-modulated diffuse photons using spectral-hole burning." Li YZ, Hemmer P, Kim CH, Zhang HL, Wang LHV, OPTICS EXPRESS 16, No 19, Pages: 14862-14874, (SEP 15, 2008).
[7] "Quantum register based on individual electronic and nuclear spin qubits in diamond," Gurudev Dutt, M. V., Childress, L., Jiang, L., Togan, E., Maze, J., Jelezko, F., Zibrov, A. S., Hemmer, P. R., Lukin, M. D., SCIENCE 316 (5829): 1312-1316 (JUN 1 2007).
[8] "Single-Shot Readout of a Single Nuclear Spin," Neumann P, Beck J, Steiner M, Rempp F, Fedder H, Hemmer PR, Wrachtrup J Jelezko F, SCIENCE 329 (5991) Pages: 542-544 (JUL 30 2010).
[9] "Quantum entanglement between an optical photon and a solid-state spin qubit," Togan E, Chu Y, Trifonov AS, Jiang L, Maze J, Childress L, Dutt MVG, Sorensen AS, Hemmer PR, Zibrov AS, Lukin MD, NATURE 466 (7307) Pages: 730-U4 (AUG 5 2010).

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