Tim Devarenne
Associate Professor

Focus: Biological Raman Spectroscopy, Algal Hydrocarbons

Email:  tpd8@tamu.edu
Phone: 979-862-6509           979-845-2600
Fax:     979-845-9274
Office:  Bldg 1525, Room N218A
            N218, N219, N220, Bldg 1525

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The Devarenne laboratory is interested in the biosynthesis of hydrocarbons by the green colonial microalga Botryoocccus braunii. This alga produces large amounts of hydrocarbons that can be be converted into petroleum-equivalent fuels using existing hydrocracking methods. In addition to identifying the genes responsible for B. braunii hydrocarbon biosynthesis, we are interested in using Raman spectroscopy to understand the structure of the many hydrocarbon chemical isomers produced by this alga as well as using confocal Raman microspectroscopy to map their location within the algal colony. These studies will help to better understand hydrocarbon biosynthesis in B. braunii in order to use targeted molecular engineering for improved hydrocarbon production.

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Mehmet Tatli

Last updated:  06 January 2013