Mohammad Al-Amri
IQSE Fellow

Focus: Quantum Optics

Phone: 979-458-7935           
Fax:     979-458-7931
Office:  IQSE 548

Curriculum Vitae

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Mohammad Al-Amri received his MSc in Physics with Distinction from Sussex University, UK in 2001. He went on and got his Ph.D from York University and was the recipient of Stott prize in Physics for the best PhD thesis in 2004. He then joined the National Center for Applied Physics (NCAP), and recently the Center for Quantum Optics and Quantum Informatics CQOQI at King Abdul-Aziz City for Science and Technology (KACST), where he has been working as a professor. He was the recipient of the CO/ICTP Gallieno Denardo Award Winner (2013), and the senior Membership of Optical Society of America (2012). He has been working on different areas of research related to quantum optics and quantum informatics, where the focus is on quantum optical lithography and microscopy, weak measurement, and direct quantum communication. He has published around 65 journal papers, within about 35 published in the Journal of PRL and PRA, and has got 5 patents. Some of Dr. AlAmri's research work has been highlighted in semi-popular press. He has given many lectures, seminars and invited talks at universities and international conferences.

Last updated:  04 April 2013