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It is an honor to know and work
with you, George.

Sandi Smith
TAMU Academic Advisor
2011-08-08 13:32:11


George, you are off to a good
start! Looking forward to working
with you!

Vlad Yakovlev
2011-08-05 12:47:48

How we got George, Part Two

Dr. Gilbert Plass was a director
of the Center and he attracted
George to join the Center part
time. When Dr. Plass was invited
to become head of our PHYSICS
DEPT. one of his conditions of
acceptance was that he bring
George back to A&M. That is how
he returned to perform here so
very well. Congra

Congratulations, Nelson Duller
TAMU Physics
2011-08-04 21:41:47

How we got George, Part One

George graduated from Lamar State
College in Beaumont in the early
50's. He came to A&M for
graduate work in physics and very
soon was discovered by Dr. Melvin
Eisner as a very gifted problem
solver. After he was awarded his
Ph.D. here he went to the
faculty of North Texas State
University, a short drive from
The Southwest Center for Advanced
Studies in north Dallas.

Nelson Duller
TAMU Physics
2011-08-04 21:24:53

An Illustrious Man and Physicist

Professor George Kattawar, I have
always found your research to be
interesting and highly practical.
You are also a great guy to talk
to and have shown to be generous
with your knowledge. I would like
to congratulate you on your
prestigious award and wish you
the best.

Nathan Hart
2011-08-04 17:40:41


George, we are proud of your

Bhaskar Dutta
2011-08-04 09:29:28

Congratulations Dr. Kattawar

Dear Professor, Hearty
congratulations on this honor!

Arun Aryasomayajula
2011-08-03 16:10:29

Senior Science Advisor

Hey Dr. K, Congratulations on a
well-deserved honor. I'm looking
forward to seeing you and Ginger
and the whole team (looks like
we're gettin' the band back
together; Brad, Jim, Danny, me
and Deric. Better hide the
silverware!). See you
soon! Hatch

Hatcher Tynes
Joint IED Defeat Organization
2011-08-02 19:46:59

Congratulations, George!

SO sorry , George & Ginger, to be
missing the celebration for you
for your receiving this
outstanding award. I appreciate
that you have been thus
recognized -we at A & M know of
your exceptional service,
industry, and creativity in your
scientific endeavors. It is time
that you are even more widely
acclaimed! We also love you for
your wit , sagacity, and empathy.
And I especially love you for
your early mentoring and ongoing
support for Ed. Your friendship
is very meaningful to us both.

Debbie Fry
Faculty wife /Friend
2011-08-02 16:27:00

I just want to say thank you,
thank you and thank you.

Wenlong Yang

2011-08-01 21:54:35


Congratulation Dr. K!

Dan Bruton
Stephen F. Austin State University
2011-08-01 14:22:47

To George the Great

Congratulations George. Thanks
for 40 years of collaboration,
guidance, and inspiration. You
are an extraordinary
colleague. Ed

Ed Fry
2011-07-31 21:16:56

Distinguished Professor

Kattawar has had a tremendous
positive influence on students,
research staff and faculty in
Atmospheric Sciences. He is an
inspiring leader and one of the
most prominent radiative transfer
experts of his generation. He is
also a great colleague and

Gerald R. North
Department of Atmospheric Sciences
2011-07-30 07:42:05

Congratulations, Dr. K!

Itís been a great experience
working with you for the past
years. Youíve been so nice,
supportive and inspiring to your
students. I am always amazed by
your fascination with physics and
optics. You well deserve the
award and look forward to even
more great work from you and your
future students.

Yu You
2011-07-29 22:07:38


Your honor is greatly deserved
and we are all proud to have you
as a colleague.

Jaan Laane
2011-07-29 19:19:27

Way to go, George. I still love
you, Ginger,

Betty Kittles Gore
Ginger's roommate in college and in Houston
2011-07-28 19:41:13


George, congratulation! It has
been a honor to be your next
office neighbor for over two

Siu A. Chin
2011-07-26 17:05:35


I feel very honored to know you!

Judy Bird
Ginger's friend
2011-07-26 07:46:28

In a word--

"Awesome!!" Well done!!

2011-07-26 06:04:52


George, you excell in being a
warm, caring person in addition
to excelling in your chosen
field. We're proud to be your

Howard and Joe
2011-07-25 06:43:27


George, We are both very proud
of you.

Emmeline & Gene

2011-07-24 19:11:29


George, We are so very proud of
your accomplishments. You are a
wonderful man and obviously a
gifted scientist.

Mike and Joyce Hoffman
2011-07-22 16:21:14

George, Congratulations! I am
very happy for you.

TAMU Physics
2011-07-22 15:44:09

Stories to Tell

I started working with Dr George
Kattawar in 1966 (45 years ago).
Education - priceless. Due to
an illness I am unable to make
it, but I hope to have Dr James
T. Adams (my son and Dr K's
student) put on the CD our early
work. The stories of the old
days would have been un to tell,
but we'll get them out. We used
to pay $2,500 per hour for
computer time at NCAR in 1970 and
look at the computers available
today. Keep up the hard word
and congrats. Sorry to miss the

Chuck Adams
2011-07-22 00:23:35


Dr. Kattawar is one of the best
professors, both in research and
education, in our department. We
are so pround of you.

2011-07-21 17:09:31

George is awesome!

Congratulations on a
well-deserved award, Professor
Kattawar. You were a great
teacher for me as a freshman
physics major. I still remember
your lectures with fondness; in
fact, just this week I recalled a
talk we had about birefringence,
more than 5 years ago! Thanks for
the great times.

Andrew Bradshaw
UC Davis
2011-07-21 15:17:24

congratulations! I will be with
you in thoughts and unfortunately
miss a lot of good talks.

hans schuessler

2011-07-21 12:02:38


Dr K, we are so proud to be your

Meng Gao
2011-07-20 22:02:03

you rock, dude!

2011-07-20 17:20:05


George, congratulations on this
well deserved award from the
Texas Academy of Sciences. We are
very proud of your wonderful
research achievements and your
leadership as Chair, Graduate
Admissions Committee.

Suhail Zubairy
Department of Physics
2011-07-20 16:59:41

Congratulations -- nobody has done more!

George, Congratulations on this
well-deserved award and event in
your honor. Over the years,
nobody has done more for our
physics and astronomy department
than you, and you are also at the
top of your research specialty.

Roland Allen
2011-07-20 16:34:47

Dear George, It gives me real
pleasure to congratulate you with
the award and celbration. It is a
pity that I am so far from our
place and can not congrtulate you
in person. Best wishes for good
continuation. Yours Valery.

Valery Pokrovsky
Dept.of Physics and Astronomy
2011-07-20 16:23:18

Congratulations, George!

I look forward to our continued

Alexei Sokolov
TAMU Physics&Astronomy
2011-07-20 16:00:13


For a wonderful career and on
being named "The 2011
Distinguished Texas Scientist ".
You are a role model to us all!!

Marlan Scully
2011-07-08 12:39:27

Congratulations, Dr. Kattawar!!

Way to go on a wonderful career
and for being named "The 2011
Distinguished Texas Scientist".

Kim Chapin
TAMU '98
2011-07-06 19:44:52

Symposium in Honor of Prof. George Kattawar
The 2011 Distinguished Texas Scientist

Foyer of the Mitchell Institute
College Station, Texas
August 4-5, 2011

Prof. George Kattawar
Dr. George W. Kattawar, professor of physics and astronomy at Texas A&M University, has been selected by the Texas Academy of Science (TAS) as the Distinguished Texas Scientist of the Year for 2011, see the excellent write-up in College of Science News & Events.


Please come join us in a celebration in honor of Dr. Kattawar. The two day event includes lots of physics, food, and fun. Everyone is welcome. All talks will be given in MIST M102.


Technical Program (draft)


The symposium dinner will be held the evening of August 4, 2011 at 6:00 p.m. Location stil TBD. Please RSVP for the dinner if you have not already done so in order to ensure enough goodies will be available. PLEASE RSVP by 12 noon on Wednesday, August 3, 2011.

Dinner RSVP Attendance Only

Dinner RSVP Regrets Only

Current Dinner RSVP Attendance List

Contact for more information

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