Andrey Prosvirin
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Focus: Chemical physics and magnetism
Group: Dr. Edward Fry

Office:  444

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Research Interests:

Dr. Prosvirin's current research aims at development and testing of new Instrumentation for electromagnetic properties studies of microscopic particles. It mainly focuses on optical absorption, attenuation and scattering by using a new integrating sphere technique. Most of his publications are in the field of new materials investigation including single molecule magnets, molecular magnets, liquid crystals, nanoparticles and thin films using SQUID magnetometer, X-ray and EPR. His research interest spans a broad area of applied physics: magnetism, magneto- and electro-optics, photomagnetism, cryogenics, vacuum techniques, magnetic sensors. Besides, his expertise are calorimetry, spectrophotometry, chromatography and computer simulation.

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Last updated: 06 January 2013