Charles Altuzarra
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Focus: Quantum Optics
Group: Girish Agarwal, Marlan Scully

Phone: 979-220-4495
Office:   MPHY303


Research Interests:

Charles worked on quantum coherent perfect absorption, experimental quantum optics (ie., polarization-entangled photons, single photon sources, and quantum interferometry/quantum erasing), super-oscillation to focus light past the diffraction limit, fabrication and simulation of plasmonic nanostructured metamaterials and metasurfaces (FIB, SEM, thermal evaporation; COMSOL), correlated quantum imaging (heralded imaging and ghost imaging) with iccds and spad arrays. He is tasked at IQSE to build polarization-entangled photon setups, HOM, build a quantum microscope, fabricate and simulate plasmonic metamaterials and metasurfaces.

Publication List (partial)

Last updated: 06 January 2013