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Copernicus postulated that the Earth moves around the Sun. Newton pinpointed gravity through the laws of motion. Einstein introduced the theories of relativity and contributed to the development quantum mechanics. Each leap forward in physics opens a new horizon of discovery. Today we are delving into the fundamental make-up of the Universe and building interdisciplinary theories from these fundamentals.

The Institute for Quantum Science and Engineering builds on the interface between Quantum Mechanics, General Relativity, and Biophotonics to advance our understanding of the Universe and its emergent properties. We promote the spirit of discovery by supporting vibrant research programs and bringing scientists from all over the world to debate, question, and solve the most profound questions of our time.

By originating new theories and experiments, we hope to illuminate the structure and mechanics of the Universe. A well known physicist, Stephen Hawking, describes this age-old quest as the “philosophy of our existence, our purpose, our final destination.”

We are dedicated to sharing our knowledge and discoveries through our Summer School program, graduate training, an annual colloquium, and weekly seminars.

The Institute benefits multiple groups:

  • For Academia , we provide unparalleled research and teaching opportunities, and collaboration with some of the world’s foremost experts in the field.
  • For Students & Teachers , we help train you as the future workforce leading the world in important new discoveries and providing the foundation of knowledge you can apply throughout your careers.
  • For the Public, we share with you our knowledge and amaze you as we unravel the mysteries of the Universe.
  • For Media, we provide expert insight for scientific, technical, and popular interest reporting. Our scholars are real humans who provide factual, engaging, and often witty commentary.

For more information about the Institute’s current programs, please contact us.

What’s next?

Journey along with the Institute for Quantum Science and Engineering by engaging with us in:

  • Postdoctoral fellowships and graduate research assistantships
  • A visiting scientist program.
  • A full roster of workshops and seminars.
  • Innovative Education and Outreach programs for students, to inspire our next generation of scientists.