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Physicist Alexei Sokolov Appointed University Distinguished Professor

Sokolov is one of eight faculty campus-wide appointed as 2024 University Distinguished Professors, a perpetual title representing the highest level of faculty achievement at Texas A&M.

Texas A&M Institute Part Of National Effort To Harness Nuclear Laser Fusion For Limitless Energy

The Institute for Quantum Science and Engineering is a major player in a multi-million-dollar Department of Energy-funded hub to advance laser-driven fusion energy.

Texas A&M Physicist Olga Kocharovskaya Earns 2024 Walther Award

Kocharovskaya is recognized by Optica and the German Physical Society for her pioneering work in lasers, atomic physics, nonlinear optics and x-ray quantum optics as the first female recipient in the prestigious award’s history.

Texas A&M Physicists Play Key Role In Milestone Moment Toward Development Of Nuclear Clock

Distinguished Professor Dr. Olga Kocharovskaya and fellow physicists have started the countdown on developing a new generation of timepieces capable of shattering records by providing accuracy of up to one second in 300 billion years, or about 22 times the age of the universe.