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IQSE Seminars

Upcoming Events

March 5, 202411:30 amTBATBA

Past Events

February 27, 2024Dr. J. Gary EdenKrypton Fluoride (248 nm) As The Laser Driver for Inertial Fusion Energy (IFE)
February 20, 2024Dr. Aleksei ZheltikovExtreme events in nonlinear optics
February 13, 2024Charles WallaceEntanglement Preservation Through Suppression of Wigner Weisskopf Decay in Uniformly Accelerated Atoms
February 6, 2024Dr. Steven T. CundiffMultidimensional Coherent Spectroscopy
January 30, 2024Dr. Dana Z. AndersonMaxwell Matter Waves & The Oqtant Quantum Matter Machine
January 23, 2024Dr. Aart VerhoefOptical technologies for new discoveries in life sciences: Multiphoton microscopy, Raman imaging and Optical Coherence Tomography
1/17 – 1/18Post PQE 2024
January 16, 2024Dr. Mikkel BrydegaardPhotonic sensing of insect species richness in situ
December 5, 2023Dr. Yusef MalekiQuantum dynamics and entanglement
November 28, 2023Dr. Anatoly SvidzinskyGeneration of entangled photon pairs by accelerated mirrors, superluminal boundaries, and optical analog of Hawking radiation
November 21, 2023Dr. Doug DykaarLasers on Silicon
November 14, 2023Dr. Muzzamal Iqbal ShaukatDark Soliton Qudits: A Novel Quantum Information Platform
November 7, 2023Dr. Shenglong XuProbing the Frontiers of Quantum Many-Body Dynamics with Random Circuits
October 31, 2023Dr. Luiz DavidovichQuantum metrology: from basic science to useful applications
October 24, 2023Dr. Vladimir KhmelenkoPurely Spatial Quantum Diffusion of H Atoms in Solid H2 at Temperatures below 1 K
October 13, 2023Dr. Konstantin DorfmanHigh precision spectroscopy in frequency, time and spatial domains: squeezed light, high harmonics and metasurfaces
October 13, 2023Dr. Yidan WangUniversal Few-Body Scattering in Quantum Optics
October 10, 2023Dr. Ning NingBayesian sparse principal component analysis
October 3, 2023Dr. Moritz MehmetSqueezed states of light and their application in gravitational wave detectors
September 26, 2023Dr. William G. UnruhUnderstanding Schwarzschild
September 19, 2023Dr. Narangerel AltangerelA novel non-destructive tool for estimating amino acid composition of proteins in solution
September 12, 2023Dr. Yusef MalekiGravitational Quantum Eraser
September 5, 2023Dr. J. Gary EdenLow temperature deposition of oxide films driven by VUV/deep-UV radiation or arrays of microplasmas, and photolithography at 172 nm
September 5, 2023Dr. J. Gary EdenKrypton Fluoride (248 nm) as the Laser Driver for Inertial Fusion Energy (IFE)
August 22, 2023Dr. Euclydes Marega JuniorControlling the optical properties of matter by using Metasurfaces
July 17 – 28, 2023Quantum Science Summer Camp
June 20, 2023Dr. Ofer FirstenbergPhoton-photon interactions: from conditional phase to quantum vortices
June 20, 2023Dr. Gershon KurizkiNonlinear Filtering of Quantum Noise for Sensing and Work
June 6, 2023Dr. Vanderlei S. BagnatoPhotodynamic: From Cancer treatment to breaking down the resistance to antibiotic (or Why Physics is important for health care?)
May 30, 2023Dr. Vanderlei S. BagnatoCharacterization and Universal Scaling Properties of a Turbulent Atomic Superfluid
May 23, 2023Dr. Alexander DoroninMonte Carlo method for light transport in complex scattering media and its practical applications in Biomedical Optical Diagnostics, 3D Computer…
May 19, 2023Dr. Nikolay I. ZheludevThe physics and technology of optical superoscillations
May 16, 2023Dr. Marlan ScullyTools of Quantum Statistical Physics: the Good the Bad and the Ugly
May 9, 2023Dr. Barnabas KimComparison between descriptions on quantum systems: ‘Quantum Jump’ vs ‘Stochastic’ equation
April 25, 2023Dr. Alexey BelyaninQuantum dynamics of many-qubit systems in dissipative nanocavities
April 18, 2023Dr. Waruna KulatilakaSimultaneous Multi-Species Imaging Diagnostics in Gas-Phase Reacting Flows Using Femtosecond Laser Pulses
April 17, 2023Dr. János A. BergouComplementarity: Is it intrinsic or measurement related?
April 14, 2023Dr. János A. BergouBroadcasting single-qubit and multi-qubit-entangled states: authentication, cryptography, and distributed quantum computation
April 11, 2023Dr. David J. HiltonTHz Time-domain Spectroscopy: Unlocking New Materials Physics in Novel Condensed Matter Systems
April 4, 2023Dr. Ted A. LaurenceSolutions for 3D Bioimaging with Applications in Host Pathogen Science and Bio-energy
March 28, 2023Dr. Alan WangBiological Photonic Crystal Sensors: Materials, Applications, and Fusion with Machine Learning
March 24, 2023Dr. Philip KurianUltraviolet superradiance from mega-networks of tryptophan in biological architectures
March 21, 2023Dr. Shaul MukamelCoupled electron and nuclear dynamics in molecules revealed by femtosecond x ray and electron pulses and by twisted light
March 14, 2023Dr. Jung-Tsung ShenCoherent states of photonic dimers
March 7, 2023Dr. Joaquin Rodriguez-NievaQuantifying quantum chaos from microcanonical fluctuations
February 28, 2023Dr. Arash AziziHolography, Wormholes, and ER=EPR
February 21, 2023Dr. Hui CaoCustomizing laser speckle statistics
February 14, 2023Dr. Zhenhuan YiOpportunities in Laser-plasma Interaction Experiments with High Power Ultrashort Laser Pulses
February 7, 2023Dr. Noah A. RubinMetasurface polarization optics
January 31, 2023Dr. Susanne YelinBrain-inspired quantum machine learning
January 24, 2023Dr. Olga KocharovskayaQuantum optics with ultra-narrow nuclear resonances and x-ray photons
January 17 – 18, 2023Post PQE 2023
December 13, 2022Dr. William G. Unruh
Dr. Luiz Davidovich
LIGO is Quantum Ghost quantum metrology
December 6, 2022Dr. Shahriar EsmaeiliDetection of SARS-CoV-2 cDNA using Förster Resonance Energy Transfer between upconversion and gold nanoparticles
December 1, 2022Dr. Philip StampCorrelated Worldline Theory of Quantum Gravity: Optomechanical Explorations
November 22, 2022Dr. Aart VerhoefRecent developments for agri-biophotonics research
November 15, 2022Dr. Tao PengTowards single photon level imaging at a distance
November 9, 2022Dr. Michael DentonIs water a key player in photobiomodulation?
November 8, 2022Dr. J. G. EdenFractal laser modes, speckle-free optical imaging, water optics, and other fascinating topics in optical physics and engineering
November 1, 2022Dr. Arash AziziCausality in Unruh acceleration radiation
November 1, 2022Dr. Anatoly SvidzinskyDynamics of Fulling–Davies–Unruh effect, Harvesting entanglement of Minkowski vacuum and Propagation backward in time
October 19, 2022Dr. Nikolay I. ZheludevPicophotonics
October 18, 2022Dr. Brian CairnsDevelopments in polarimetric remote sensing of the Earth over the last two decades
October 4, 2022Dr. Matthias KochThe bacterial sense of touch: how micron-small cells measure substrate mechanics using molecular-scale fingers
September 27, 2022Dr. William G. UnruhTime and Quantum Gravity
September 20, 2022Dr. Galina ShinkarevaFluxes and partitioning of heavy metals in large river basins: multidisciplinary research
September 13, 2022Dr. Luiz DavidovichTIME-INVERSION IN QUANTUM METROLOGY
September 9, 2022Dr. Akram TouilQuantum Darwinism: the Origin of Objective Classical Reality
August 23rd, 2022Dr. Yusef MalekiFrom table-top experiments for quantum gravity to quantum effects in cosmology
August 23rd, 2022Dr. Zhenhuan YiHow Raman Techniques Can Make a Bigger Dent in Real-world Applications
August 23rd, 2022Dr. Anatoly SvidzinskyUnruh, Cherenkov and Hawking radiation from a negative frequency perspective and propagation backward in time
July 10 – 23, 2022Quantum Science Summer Camp
June 15, 2022IQSE-Hagler-Mitchell Institute Workshop on Theoretical Physics
June 15, 2022Dr. Michael J. DuffNature versus NATURE
May 26, 2022Dr. Dennis SchlippertVery Long Baseline Atom Interferometry
May 4, 2022Dr. Doug DykaarFiber-Optic Diffusers and Sensors
May 3, 2022Frances S. Ligler, D.Phil., D.Sc.A view of early Earth observing satellite technology and science
April 28, 2022Dr. Thomas H. Vonder HaarA view of early Earth observing satellite technology and science
April 27, 2022Dr. Gershon KurizkiHow to bridge thermodynamics and quantum mechanics in heat machines?
April 26, 2022Dr. Valery PokrovskyPhysics and Mathematics in Kharkov in the first half of 19-th century
April 20, 2022Dr. Matthew J. BergThe Physics of Shadows in Classical Electrodynamics
April 12, 2022Dr. StoverEnhancing the Purpose of Food
April 5, 2022Dr. William G. UnruhThe origin of acceleration temperature
March 29, 2022Dr. Devang NaikExperimental Ultra Cold Atoms: from the lab to the real world
March 22, 2022Dr. Dong Hee SonExcitons in strongly quantum confined perovskite quantum dots
March 15, 2022M. Raymer and T. LandesTwo-Photon Absorption and Sum Frequency Generation with Broadband Bright Squeezed Vacuum: Classical and Quantum Models and Initial Experiments
March 8, 2022Prof. Goong ChenModes of Motion of a Coronavirus
March 1, 2022Anatoly Svidzinsky Construction of classical field theories from the first principles 
February 15, 2022Dr. Renyi ZhangAirborne particulate matter: From human health, weather, to climate
February 15, 2022Dr. Robert O. AmbroseRobots at the Johnson Space Center, and Future Plans
February 8, 2022Stephen A. FullingStatus of the Equivalence Principle for Uniform Acceleration Radiation
February 1, 2022Dr. Raphael Pooser21st Century Quantum Sensing
January 25, 2022Dr. Jonathan S. Ben-BenjaminA quantum optics view of Hawking’s Hawking radiation cartoon
January 18 – 19, 2022Post PQE 2022
December 14, 2021Prof. Jonathan OppenheimGravitationally induced decoherence vs space-time diffusion:  testing the quantum nature of gravity
December 8, 2021Dr. Eugene FrumkerSpace-time coupling in femtosecond and attosecond science