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Center for Theoretical Physics


Yusef Maleki, Jiru Liu, and M. Suhail Zubairy, Quantum eraser from duality-entanglement perspective, Phys. Rev. A 104, 042207

The primary purpose of the Center for Theoretical Physics (CTP) is to “to bring eminent scientists as speakers to Texas A&M University and arrange collaborative activities with them.” The goals associated with this purpose include a) promoting interdisciplinary and collaborative research in and among the various theoretical physics disciplines, b) to develop a cohesive intellectual community among faculty, graduate students, and advanced undergraduates who are associated with the CTP, c) to enhance interaction by means of conferences, lectures, and colloquia, among scholars at Texas A&M University and other nationally and internationally recognized scientists around the world, d) to increase the funding base of CTP scientists by encouraging joint and interdisciplinary projects and proposals, e) to disseminate the knowledge generated within the CTP through scholarly publications and public outreach, and f) to enhance the visibility of TAMU and CTP researchers. Our members consist of faculty, researchers, and graduate students primarily from the Department of Physics and Astronomy as well as the Institute for Quantum Science and Engineering. Despite no funding from the University to support CTP activities, the CTP remains important to the mission of the Department, College, and University. Our accomplishments are very appropriate for the goals indicated, our activity is greater than expected based on the budget, the personnel are an excellent combination of skill sets and background in order effectively accomplish the goals and administrate the CTP. We hope to continue our activities to the benefit of the Physics Department, Texas A&M University, and the University System as a whole.


Marlan Scully, Director
Phone: 979-862-2333
Office: 566 MPHY