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IQSE Fellows

The IQSE Fellow title refers to the internationally renowned scientists who have been involved in long-term scientific collaborations with members of the IQSE. Nominations for the title of IQSE Fellow can be submitted by the IQSE members. A nomination must include a nomination letter and the names of two distinguished scholars in the field of quantum sciences and engineering who can provide support letters. The title is awarded by the Director of the IQSE, University Distinguished Professor Marlan Scully, upon a recommendation of the IQSE Advisory Committee, which includes University Distinguished Professor Alexei Sokolov (Chair), University Distinguished Professor Edward Fry, University Distinguished Professor Olga Kocharovskaya, University Distinguished Professor Suhail Zubairy.

Mohammad Al-Amrimalamri@physics.tamu.edu979-458-7935IQSE 548
Weng Chowwwchow@sandia.gov979-458-7942
Eugene Frumker979-458-7932IQSE 544
Roy Glauberglauber@physics.harvard.edu979-458-7939
Alexey KalachevIQSE 446
Ho Wai (Howard)
Tao Pengtaopeng@tamu.eduIQSE 444
Yugeny Radeonychev979-458-7932IQSE 544
Wolfgang Schleichwolfgang.schleich@uni-ulm.de979-458-7939IQSE 574
Dawei 544
Shiyao 548