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IQSE is at the forefront of quantum science. The Institute’s primary purpose is to “to bring eminent scientists as speakers to Texas A&M University and arrange collaborative activities with them.” The goals associated with this purpose include promoting interdisciplinary and collaborative research in and among the various theoretical physics disciplines. At the same time, IQSE plays a unique role in understanding the translation between fundamental theories and other, “higher level”, fields of study. IQSE conducts cutting edge translational research with faculty, researchers, and graduate students coming from various departments and colleges within TAMU and AgriLife Research.

In the coming years, we expect to see quantum science developments in the following major areas:

  • Quantum Information: Quantum philosophy (e.g., first experimental hidden variable test and first demonstration of quantum erasure of information and quantum time), quantum computers, and quantum computing.
  • Biophotonics: Real time detection of anthrax and other chemical/bio toxins, detection of a single virus, possible direct scanning of DNA base pairs, and laser ablation of cellular nuclei for cloning.
  • Lasers for Fusion: Dramatically new lasers operating without inversion.

The Institute for Quantum Science and Engineering has a unique opportunity to become a world leader in these cutting edge areas of quantum information and biophotonics. The Institute’s synergistic mission is to harness the cooperation among the theorists and experimentalists to develop theoretical ideas, experimental techniques, and plan future experiments.

Major Goals of the Institute for Quantum Science and Engineering

The two key goals of the Institute for Quantum Science and Engineering are:

  • Further strengthen the world-class research endeavors of IQSE scientists by facilitating internal and external collaborations
  • Enhance science education in the State of Texas

Enhanced interactions among scientists within IQSE and with the larger community will result in extraordinary progress not only in the cutting edge areas of quantum science, but also will add to enormous national and international visibility for IQSE. Many new ideas for understanding nature will emerge. These ideas could be in the form of new experimental techniques or theoretical breakthroughs of long standing problems. Interactions among theorists and experimentalists will create unique collaboration possibilities among IQSE members in the areas which can lead to breakthrough discoveries.