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Center for Biophotonics


The Center for Biophotonics (CBP) conducts cutting edge translational research with faculty, researchers, and graduate students coming from various departments and colleges within TAMU and AgriLife Research. Biophotonics has the specificity, sensitivity, and speed required to solve many critical needs in biology and agriculture. Quantum spectroscopy, combined with laser technology, can probe the vibrational states of molecules to generate specific spectral signatures that can be used to rapidly and reliably assess everything from the presence of foodborne pathogens and plant composition to the presence of pests in crop fields. Over the past decade, researchers at TAMU have shown how to use coherent quantum spectroscopy to increase the speed and strength of signal acquisition by orders of magnitude, thus allowing for more sensitive, rapid, and detailed analysis of the molecules of interest. This critical advance greatly expands the potential range of applications for this emerging and potentially transformative technology. In conjunction with colleagues from AgriLife Research, TAMU researchers are investigating how these techniques may be used to solve problems of mutual interest.


Marlan Scully, Director
Phone: 979-862-2333
Office: 566 MPHY