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Marlan Scully

Director, Institute for Quantum Science and EngineeringColleges of Science and Engineering, TAMU
College of Engineering and Applied Science, Princeton
Focus: Quantum Optics – Experimental & Theoretical

Phone: 979-862-2333 (O)           979-458-7953 (L1) 979-862-1290 (L2)
Fax:     979-458-1235
Office:  IQSE 566 (O)
            MPHY B05 (L1) BRWN 416 (L2)

Best Known For:

The first complete quantum theory of the laser including the photon statistics (with W. Lamb) (Phys. Rev. 1967). Quantum Eraser (PRA 1982). Using quantum coherence to suppress spontaneous emission in his correlated emission laser (PRA 1987). Using quantum coherence to show, theoretically and experimentally, laser operation without inversion (PRL 1989PRL 1995PRL 1996). Laser spectroscopy applied to first real-time anthrax detection (PNAS 2002Science 2007PNAS 2008)Laser Physics and Quantum Optics textbooks. Built quantum optics groups at: Optical Sciences Center, University of Arizona, Center for Advanced Studies, University of New Mexico, Institute for Quantum Science and Engineering, Texas A&M University