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Things To Know When Visiting SRF

Complete Waiver of Liability Forms

  • Everyone participating in SaFER activities must complete a waiver of Liability form, e.g., parents must complete form for each of your children.
  • Click for printable copy of form
    • Read the Form
    • Insert Date of Visit to Salter Farm on page one, second line
    • Date and sign on page two as appropriate
    • Minors should be accompanied by an adult and the minor’s legal guardian should sign the form
  • All forms should be submitted to the program manager who arranged your visit to SRF, e.g., Robert Brick or Robert Scully.

“Beware of” List

While it is impossible to list all possible hazards, here are a few:

  • Watch all children at all times, especially if near the water.
  • Caution re: old buildings, they are old!– possible hazards old wells, rusty nails, loose boards, etc. watch were you are walking.
  • Re: natural vegetation: Do NOT eat any of it, even if you believe you know what you will be eating.
  • Watch out for poison ivy–“leaves of three, let it be!”
  • Watch out for Snakes– there are poisonous snakes on the property including rattle snakes, copperheads, water moccasins (a.k.a. cotton mouths), and coral snakes. The rattlesnakes have been seen hanging out in the rock outcroppings–i.e., don’t go running up to jump on the rocks (look before you leap)!
  • Wild Hogs have been seen on the property, stay away from them
  • The cats seen in and around the building are feral (WILD), do not corner them or they will defend themselves.
  • The river can be dangerous, with strong undertows, exercise extreme caution around all water, e.g., do not get too close to the water’s edge, etc.

“Take note of” List

  • Map of property detailing parking and various areas of interest at Salter Farm. Click for Map.
  • Nature Trail–path is marked with plants/trees identified for your convenience.
  • Restrooms–one will be available, best to go before you come.
  • Note the working windmill, antique farm machinery, etc. specifically the designs used pre-gasoline engine era. Click for list of antique equipment on SaFER property.
  • Convenient downloadable identification guides for Plants and wildlife found on the property: Wildflowers.