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Recent Publications

  • Z Han, J Wang, N Marshall, K Wang, MO Scully, AV Sokolov. “Widefield Imaging with Infrared-resonant Third-order Sum-frequency Spectroscopy.” Frontiers in Optics, JTu7A. 7 (2022).

  • S Esmaeili, N Rajil, P Hemmer, R Brick, B Neuman, A Hazrathosseini, …. “Detection of COVID-19 DNA using Förster Resonance Energy Transfer between upconversion and gold nanoparticles.” Frontiers in Optics, JTu7A. 5 (2022).

  • M Kim, M Scully, A Svidzinsky. “A supercharged photonic quantum heat engine.” Nature Photonics 16 (10), 669-670 (2022).

  • W Ren, X Nie, T Peng, MO Scully. “Ghost translation.” arXiv preprint arXiv:2209.15012 (2022).

  • Z Zhang, T Peng, X Nie, GS Agarwal, MO Scully. “Entangled photons enabled time-frequency-resolved coherent Raman spectroscopy and applications to electronic coherences at femtosecond scale.” Light: Science & Applications 11 (1), 274 (2022).

  • A Bahari, K Sower, K Wang, Z Han, J Florence, Y Wang, S Gao, HWH Lee, …. “Background-penalty-free waveguide enhancement of CARS signal in air-filled anti-resonance hollow-core fiber.” Optics Letters 47 (17), 4339-4342 (2022).

  • Z Yi, TK Begzjav, GO Ariunbold, AM Zheltikov, AV Sokolov, MO Scully. “Multiple pathway quantum beat spectroscopy.” Frontiers in Physics, 720 (2022).

  • MO Scully, A Svidzinsky, W Unruh. “Entanglement in Unruh, Hawking, and Cherenkov radiation from a quantum optical perspective.” Physical Review Research 4 (3), 033010 (2022).

  • X Zhao, X Nie, Z Yi, T Peng, MO Scully. “Imaging through scattering media via spatial–temporal encoded pattern illumination.” Photonics Research 10 (7), 1689-1694 (2022).

  • X Zhao, T Peng, L Zhang, MS Zubairy, Y Shih, MO Scully. “Non-Invasive Imaging of Object Behind Scattering Media via Cross-Spectrum.” IEEE Photonics Journal 14 (3), 1-5 (2022).