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Recent Publications

  • S Du, AR Ziltz, W Miyahira, S Aubin. “Suppression of potential roughness in atom-chip ac Zeeman traps.” Physical Review A 105 (5), 053127 (2022).

  • A Fernandez, D Sen, MC Lee, N Havrilchak, M Aleman, Z Han, B Strycker, …. “Detection of Starch Content variations in Grasses using Raman Microscopy.” CLEO: QELS_Fundamental Science, JW3A. 21 (2022).

  • K Zhang, H Li, P Zhang, J Yuan, J Chen, W Ren, Z Wang, C Song, …. “Synthesizing five-body interaction in a superconducting quantum circuit.” Physical Review Letters 128 (19), 190502 (2022).

  • H Song, X Nie, H Su, H Chen, Y Zhou, X Zhao, T Peng, MO Scully. “0.8% Nyquist computational ghost imaging via non-experimental deep learning.” Optics Communications 520, 128450 (2022).

  • X Nie, X Zhao, T Peng, MO Scully. “Sub-Nyquist computational ghost imaging with orthonormal spectrum-encoded speckle patterns.” Physical Review A 105 (4), 043525 (2022).

  • Z Han, BD Strycker, B Commer, K Wang, BD Shaw, MO Scully, …. “Characterization and Identification of Fungal Conidia via Shifted Excitation Raman Difference Spectroscopy.” Reports in Advances of Physical Sciences 6, 2240005 (2022).

  • A Svidzinsky, G Agarwal, A Classen, AV Sokolov, A Zheltikov, MS Zubairy, …. “Enhancing stimulated Raman excitation and two-photon absorption by entangled light.” 2022 Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO), 1-2 (2022).

  • MO Scully, A Svidzinsky, W Unruh. “On Bose–Einstein Condensation and Unruh–Hawking Radiation from a Quantum Optical Perspective.” Journal of Low Temperature Physics 208 (1-2), 160-171 (2022).

  • AV Sokolov, V Deckert, Z Yi, MO Scully. “Coherent spectroscopic techniques applied to molecular sensing at the nanoscale.” Optical and Quantum Sensing and Precision Metrology II, PC120161D (2022).

  • J Hu, Z He, A Sokolov, X Wang, M Scully. “Resolving the sequence of DNA and RNA strands by tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy.” Smart Photonic and Optoelectronic Integrated Circuits 2022, PC1200503 (2022).