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Salter Research Farm

Salter Research Farm is made available for use via two IQSE Programs:

1) The Agribiophotonics Research and Technology (ART) Program
The ART Program provides access to various research and educational programs who need access in order to carry out research related goals, e.g., to collect data, specimens, conduct experiments on-site, etc.
ART Program Manager: Robert Scully (

2) The Salter Farm Educational Research (SaFER) Program
The SaFER Program is an educational outreach program which provides access to various group within the university and community who need access for educational purposes, e.g., to tour the property and enjoy the various activities available through this program, e.g., hiking on the nature trails, star gazing events, learning about the antique farm equipment on display, enjoy viewing labeled/identified plant/tree specimens around the farm, etc.
SaFER Program Manager: Robert Brick (

When visiting Salter Research Farm (SRF):