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Staying in the Dorms

Most of the participants will be staying in the Casper College Dorm (register here), located 5 minutes from the conference building. You will need to bring your own linens (sheets, blankets, towels, pillows), soap, and shampoo. The dorm room has 2 beds with mattresses, 2 desks, and a bathroom with shower. There is a common kitchen with a refrigerator on each floor. Washers and Dryers are available on each floor for a fee.

Lodging will be in the Casper College Residence Hall Complex. In order for there to be enough space to house all our participants, the following rules should be followed:

Students and Postdocs

  • Two people to a room
  • Only roommates registered via the Summer School website will be acknowledged.
  • Roommates should be specified by May 31, 2023.

Faculty and Staff

  • One person to a room, as best as we can accommodate.

What About Hotels?

The following applies unless prior arrangements have been made.

All TAMU Students and Employees Should be Staying in the Dorm!

For Those Staying in Hotels

  • If you prefer to stay in a hotel, please make an arrangements yourself.  Keep in mind that the nearest available hotel is several miles away, so you will need a car to commute. 
  • If you are staying in a hotel, NO PARKING PERMITS are required for parking on campus. Parking is free in summer. Those staying off campus are encouraged to dine on campus. So please eat away!  
  • The maximum reimbursement has been set at $30.00/night/person (the cost it would have been had you stayed in the dorm).
  • We do not make Summer School related hotel reservations. Online sites such as Orbitz, etc. may assist you in locating hotels in the area according to your preferences.
  • You will be responsible for your own transportation to/from the campus/hotel. IQSE members will not be running a taxi service between the hotels and campus throughout the week.
  • If IQSE is reimbursing your expenses, our accounts are not be able to reimburse for the extra rental car expense you may need should you decide not to stay in the dorm.

Thank you for you understanding that we are a State Institution running the Summer School on a very limited budget.