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The Princeton-TAMU Summer School on Quantum Physics will take place on the Casper College campus, Casper, Wyoming, July 2024. The Summer School Program and the Book of Abstracts will be posted online a few weeks before the Summer School begins and will be updated regularly if there are adjustments. 

Many of the summer school participants are students. Please make your talks and tutorials interesting, so that students can understand them and become excited about the subject. Those who present a poster will also give 5 minute PowerPoint talks about their posters during the evening session. Please, prepare the slides. 


Please send the abstract of your presentation to Anatoly Svidzinsky ( The abstract should be a one-page PDF file. Include the presentation title, author’s names, affiliations, summary of findings, a figure, references, and equations (if necessary). Make the Abstract look nice and informative! Please DO NOT NUMBER the page.


Transportation/arrival/departure issues:

Dr. Zhenhuan Yi, 979-422-2776,  

Backup: Dr. Reed Nessler, 540-250-7125,

Registration/Dorm/Lodging issues: 

Dr. Bob Brick, 979-571-5186,                  

Backup: Dr. Barnabas Kim, 979-204-8270,     

Casper College Campus Security:  307-268-2688