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NOTE: Any travel that includes days other than the conference dates must be arranged and paid by the traveler and must be accompanied by quotes (airfare and rental car) for comparison. Please contact IQSE at if your travel includes PERSONAL TRAVEL BEFORE making arrangements to verify that proper documentation has been gathered.

Traveling to Casper, WY

There are two primary routes people have taken in the past to travel to Casper, WY.

  • Fly directly into Casper, WY (airport code CPR). If you fly directly into Casper and need a ride between Casper airport and Casper College, please contact Dr. Zhenhuan Yi ( If you are planning to rent a car at the Casper airport and can give a ride to participants, please let Dr. Yi know. We appreciate your help.
  • Fly into Denver, CO, rent rental car, and drive up (~4.5 hour drive).

TAMU Travel Groups should follow the second option.

Rental Car Reservations

If you are opting for option 2, please know the follow rules apply when making Rental Car Reservation Requests:

  • Passenger vans are not allowed, only minivans and SUVs (noted as “vans” below).
  • Each rental car (rental van) group must contain 4 (6) people minimum.
  • Rental car (van) groups must be formed prior to submitting a rental car/van reservations request.
  • All rental car/van group members must be registered for the Summer School before a rental car/van reservation will be considered as additional information may be needed based on the information provided, c.f., Pre-Travel.
  • All rental cars/vans must be driven by Texas State employees
    • who hold a valid driver’s license, and
    • have taken (and passed) the required driving safety course(s).
    • There should be a minimum of 2 driver’s meeting the above criteria for each rental van.
  • All rental cars/vans must be through the State contracted providers (AVIS or Enterprise) and State contracted rates must be secured when reservations are made or our accounts will not be able to pay for the expense.
    • Corporate Rate Identifier Numbers: Avis is F999711, Enterprise is UTS711 (code TAM)
    • Do NOT accept any optional items (including insurance). If you accept them you will not be reimbursed for these expenses.
    • The only optional item exception is a GPS if you are driving from, e.g., Denver, CO to Casper, WY. GPS will NOT be reimbursed for College Station, TX to Houston, TX airport or for local rentals (e.g., if your plane arrives in Casper, WY a rental car will not be approved for time in Casper, WY). If in doubt, please email PRIOR to traveling/incurring the expense.
  • ALL rental car reservations should be PRE-APPROVED to ensure compliance and reimbursability
    • Rental Car Reservation requests should be made BEFORE May 31.
    • Rental Car Requests should be emailed to and include the following information:
      • Names of the group members in your rental car group
      • Proposed travel plan (e.g., rent at Denver airport on 7/21 and drive to Casper, WY returning on 7/27 to the Denver airport).

Airplane Ticket Reservations

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to TAMU travel policy changes and the implementation of the Concur travel system, the IQSE departmental travel card will no longer be available to TAMU employees for the purchase of airfare.

For all non-CONCUR travel system related travelers, you must be registered for the Summer School before submitting Airplane Ticket Reservation Requests (see Pre-Travel, for more information on airfare request process) will be considered. Based on the information provided during the registration process and airfare reservation request process, additional information may be required before reservations can be made, c.f., Pre-Travel. An email will be sent to the email address you provide during the registration process if additional information is needed.

Please note, if you are joining us on the Summer School as a student not currently enrolled at TAMU, the Institute will pay the cost of a ticket up to the cost of a round trip ticket from DFW to Casper, WY, i.e., this rate is currently between $550-$750 depending on which airline is used (c.f., Orbitz or similar online ticket providers for possible itineraries). This means that if you choose to fly in or out of an airport other than DFW and Casper, the cost of your ticket will be reimbursed up to a rate of 750$ (quote will be required for comparison) with anything above this amount becoming your responsibility. If your ticket is less, then we pay the cost of the ticket only. Please know that the Institute is not responsible for increases due to delays in submission of paperwork needed before reservations can be made.

Airplane Reservation should be made BEFORE May 31

For more information email: