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All Reimbursements must be submitted by August 15 or expenses might not be reimbursed.
In order to be reimbursed for Summer School travel expenses, the following should be provided according to your status.

General Note Regarding Food Expenses

NOTE to SS participants: Since all meals are being provided via Casper College Food Services, personal food/meal expenses will NOT be reimbursed. However, food expenses up to 20$/day (actual expense off receipts in traveler’s name, itemized, and showing proof of payment) will be reimbursed for food expenses incurred while traveling to and from Casper, WY.

Texas A&M Employees and Student Employees

  • Itemized Original Receipts showing proof of payment
  • Typed summary of expenses including 1) date and time of departure from College Station, 2) date and time of return to College Station, 3) rental van/car group, 4) roommates while at Casper College (if applicable)
  • All documents noted in the Pre-Travel section

U.S. Faculty, Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Foreign Faculty, Undergraduate and Graduate Students

If a TAMU employee or student you may submit the documents by one of the following:

  • Send by campus mail to Mr. Teng Ma, IQSE, 4242 TAMU

If located off campus, please mail receipts to the following address:

Mr. Teng Ma
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843-4242
Phone: 979-845-2013

NOTE: Please be sure to make copies of all documentation before mailing.
For more information email: