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Casper College, Casper, WY

This year’s summer school will be held at Casper College in Casper, WY! A copy of the Casper College Campus Map can be found by clicking here. Those staying in the Dorm will need to report to the Residence Hall (RH) when they arrive. Bob Brick and others will be there to greet you and check you in.  Call Bob at 979-571-5186 regarding check-in issues. For general orientation purposes, please note the following meeting/eating locations on the attached Campus Map:

  • RESIDENCE HALL (RH): Dorm in which the participants will be staying.
  • WOLD PHYSICAL SCIENCES (PS) Building: Room 103 (PS 103) is where presentations are given. The room is equipped with LCD projector, screen, podium, and microphone.  Please don’t leave any trash in lecture room 103. Clean up after yourself and encourage others to do so.
  • GATEWAY Building: BBQ Dinner (food served at 5:00 PM, come early to socialize!).
  • TOBIN DINING HALL (in the Student Center and UWC (UU) building): Breakfast and Lunch (Monday through Friday) and Friday night dinner.

Items which may not be listed in the program include: TBA

JUST A FRIENDLY REMINDER: Please remember Casper College is a dry campus (NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED, even in the dorms). Also, the DORM DOES NOT PROVIDE LINENS (i.e., BRING YOUR OWN PILLOW, BLANKET, SHEETS, and TOWELS or Bring a sleeping bag!). Washers and Dryers are available on each floor. If staying in a hotel, NO PARKING PERMITS are required for parking on campus. Those staying off campus are encouraged to dine on campus as the food count does include you. So please eat away!! DORM ROOMS SHOULD BE LEFT IN GOOD ORDER AT THE END OF YOUR STAY in order to avoid unnecessary cleaning fines, higher prices next year, and that we might be allowed to return.